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2 Days Tsavo East National Park

A little about this tour

This two-day adventure will give you a rare opportunity to explore the untamable wonders of the Tsavo East National Park. The adventure will begin early in the morning as you are picked from your coastal hotel and head towards the park, a 2 ½ -hour journey.

In addition, this safari will take you to one of Kenya’s largest parks. And one of the most scenically diverse and a stronghold of biodiversity in the world. As you traverse the park, you should brace yourself for an encounter with the ‘dust-red elephants. Lions, cape buffaloes, cheetahs, zebras, and giraffes. Expect to see diverse birdlife with species like crowned crane, lovebird, and secretarybirds being visibly available.

Tsavo East Wildlife
Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Mombasa to Tsavo East

At around 6.00 am of day one of your tour. You will be met by a friendly and professional Dael tour guide at your coastal hotel. He will usher you into a cozy safari jeep or van. Which you will use for the journey. You will use the Mombasa-Nairobi highway as you traverse the beautiful semi-arid terrain of the Tsavo East National Park. And get ushered into the park through the main gate. The first adventure you will have upon entry, is game viewing drive where you will be in search of

  • Elephants
  • Cheetahs
  • Buffaloes
  • Giraffes
  • Antelopes among other kinds of game.

Inside Tsavo East

No trip to the Tsavo East is complete without a visit to the Aruba Dam. While here, you will be treated to an incredible view of different species of animals. That frequent it so as to quench their thirst. This is especially when it is dry. Then you will be driven to a Safari Lodge for your lunch. Before embarking on an afternoon game drive. An ultra-modern lodge that has been built to world standards. Offering incredibly mount-watering delicacies. As the day draws to the end, you will then return to the same lodge for your dinner and night.

Day 2: Tsavo East to Mombasa

You will usher in the second day of the tour. With an early morning game drive before returning to the lodge for your breakfast. Here you will be on the lookout for the big cats. And other nocturnal animals that came out during the night. Yet to return to their habitats at daybreak. Once you have had your breakfast at the lodge, you will leave for the mid-morning game drive.

Though we may not precisely predict what we will see. There are high chances that you will observe the big five. And a range of other wildlife. You will thereafter head to the lodge for your lunch before proceeding to Mombasa, arriving at your hotel in the afternoon.

Moreover, this two-day Tsavo East National Park tour from Mombasa. Is meant to give you a full safari experience. Under the most comfortable conditions. It is also important to note that your schedule may be slightly altered because of navigational and a range of other scheduling considerations.

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