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1 Day Nairobi National Park

A little about this tour

Nairobi national park is a wildlife experience that shows you how humanity and wildlife have managed to co-exist in the city harmoniously. A visit to this national park is a blend of all the wonders of nature with the convenience of the modern city. This park is an excellent place for young explorers and those new to safaris. There is a lot to do, and you can achieve so much with an enchanting day trip to the heart of Nairobi. With our specialized multiple-hour plan, you will spend most of your day interacting with different species and even catch the city sunset. Plan your trip with us, and expect this fun itinerary.

Nairobi National Park Wildlife
Detailed Itinerary

Pick up from Nairobi Hotel

Early in the morning, from 7 am after your breakfast, you will get transportation from your Nairobi hotel to the park. From the capital city of Nairobi, it is a 10 km drive. We prefer traveling via road because it will give you a chance to experience the city’s impressive infrastructure and magnificent skyscrapers that wash the town. Via Uhuru Highway, you will move to Langata Road (depending on the location of your hotel), peacefully observing locals of the modern city move about their busy schedules. You will approach the park via the Langata gate. 

Game Drive through the Park

Once you arrive, you can begin an enchanting game drive through the park. Nairobi National Park stands at 117.2 km squared. It is a lush savanna that is home to multiple species of mammals and birds. Covering all the wildlife hotspots will take four hours, so buckle up and bring your good camera. 

Additionally, the park is divided into different habitats, including forests, plains, gorges, the Athi River, and lush grasslands. These habitats have a lot to present in terms of scenery, wildlife, and even extra activities. 

There are 100 mammal species on the park, so keep your eye out for four of the big five; leopards, buffaloes, lions, and rhinos. These majestic creates live harmoniously in different habitats. You will get to see up-close interactions on your game drive. 

Nairobi National Park is home to the endangered black rhinoceros, where they stay protected. The park supplies black rhinos to other national parks in the country. These protected species are magnificent and worth the visit. 

You will also see baboons, zebras, cheetahs, giraffes, and wildebeests during the game drive. And speaking of these species, we encourage you to visit between July to October to watch the animals migrate in search of water and grazing grounds. If you can make it in august, you stand the best chance. 

African Dishes

Moreover, after the game drive, you will enjoy a Kenyan-style lunch with traditional delicacies. The afternoon is reserved for walking safaris on the many trials. These charming and intimate trails will take you to the bird habitats, where you will meet over 400 species of birds. Surrounded by the calmness of nature, as birds naturally fly, exchanging bird calls is a favorite feeling among tourists. 

You will also walk the trails to the hippo pools. You will meet these animals relaxing in shallow pools of water. Lastly, you can go and enjoy turtle and tortoise watching. 

Besides wildlife, you will get to see some interesting sites with a rich history. One such site is the Ivory Burning Site Monument. It is here the late President Daniel Arap Moi set fire to 12 tons of ivory stock in 1989. The act was a bid to eliminate the mass slaughter of rhinos and elephants in Africa. In 2016, President Uhuru Kenyatta made history on the same spot by burning 105 tons of ivory confiscated from poachers and smugglers. 

Cultural Trip

The trip to the park cannot end without a cultural visit to the Bomas of Kenya. It is a tourist village located near the park that displays typical traditional villages for different Kenyan tribes. A visit here is a chance to learn more about Kenyan culture and the diverse tribes living in the country. Bring out your learning cap and get ready for a comprehensive cultural indulgence at the hands of a skilled and educated tour guide. 

Bomas of Kenya is also home to one of the largest auditoriums in Africa. It is here that you will get to watch a traditional dance show complete with impressive stunts, traditional attire, and catchy tunes. Once you are done, it is a chance to explore different gift shops for souvenirs and keepsakes. Most of these items are handmade from locally sourced materials. With every purchase, you get a piece of the country and culture.

Transfer Back To Nairobi Hotel

Finally, you will move from Langata to your Nairobi accommodations. Again, you will enjoy the stunning views of the city as the orange of the sunset washes and reflects off of skyscrapers. This magical scene is the perfect way to complete the enchanting day trip to ‘The World’s only Wildlife Capital.’

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